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Charlotte Bobcats vs Washington Wizards preview -- Game 21

Today's Tunes:

"Wailin'" - Outkast

Game Overview: Oh god, them again.

Luckily, the Bobcats will have Gerald Henderson healthy this time around, who will undoubtedly do a better job guarding Nick Young than Matt Carroll did the other night. Still the problem remains that Kemba Walker has not yet proven to be an apt facilitator while Augustin is out with a super-stubbed toe. Walker's been heaving shots like it's going out of style and seems to be struggling as he adapts from the move from the off-ball shooting guard in the starting lineup to the court general point guard.

The Bobcats will need to stiffen up their interior defense if they want a chance to beat this lowly Wizards team, which scored 60 points in the paint against Charlotte the last time around. DeSagana Diop starting and Henderson gradually recovering from his tailbone injury will curtail that a bit. I just hope this is a closer game than last time with something to see from the rookies.

Key Matchup: Tyrus Thomas vs. Andray Blatche -- Blatche was pretty good in their last matchup, notching a double-double and feasting in the paint, both scoring and dropping dimes to cutting teammates. Meanwhile, Tyrus Thomas still hasn't looked anywhere close to where he was on offense a year or so ago pre-injury.

Sad, sad fun: ESPN's Playoff Odds were released last week. Predictably, the Bobcats have a 0.0 chance at making the playoffs. Hilariously, they also have a worst-case predicted final record of 3-63, or losing every game from here on out.