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Charlotte Bobcats at Cleveland Cavaliers preview -- Game 5

Today's Tunes:

King of Pain - The Police

Game Overview: The Bobcats are a hot cold mess. Their interior defense has been shredded by Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh. In the past two games combined, the team is shooting 37.1% from the field. Once the focal point of the Bobcats' offense in nearly all facets, Boris Diaw has shrunk in effectiveness, recording five points on four FGA to go with two rebounds, three assists and two turnovers. Kemba Walker's shot has been hot and (mostly) cold, but he's picking his shots well. Biyombo has shown bright spots, but has been better offensively than I expected. He's strong, gets good rebounding position but has had some foul trouble. He's a project, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. He can contribute rebounds and blocks in limited minutes easily, but it will take a while before he's a 20-30 minute player. D.J. White has also been good, to the point that Paul Silas called out Tyrus Thomas to step it up when he returns or the starting spot may be taken by White, who is, overall, an efficient scorer.

The Cavs' outlook is not too different. Kyrie Irving is more in the mold of a prototypical point guard than Walker, distributing the ball well, but also shooting inconsistently. Tristan Thompson is quite talented and surprised a good many people in his draft position, but he definitely can fulfill his potential. He's long, athletic, pretty versatile and can rebound, but still has a little ways to go as a scorer in the post. Gee whiz, that kinda sounds familiar. The Cavs also have "Razor" Ramon Sessions who has become a better shooter to go with his skills as a scorer. Then there's Omri Casspi and Anderson Varejao and some other dudes, I guess.

Key Matchup(s): Let's not beat around the bush. This is all about the rookies. We have the 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th overall picks all in this one game, each probably matching up against each other, at least at some point tonight. Kemba and Kyrie, and Bismack and Tristan. Should be the most fun thing to watch in this game!

Fun Fact: Derrick Brown loves magic.