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Learning things from the Bobcats players livechat, part 1

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The Bobcats are hosting a livechat on their media day with a lengthy Q&A session with the players. It's quite funny and with insights on the offseason and coming season. Here's part one of the highlights I think have been particularly fun.

Cory Higgins

In a new way to flip the script, Cory Higgins has decided to be the guy to announce he's added weight to his frame over the offseason -- 12 pounds, in fact! I don't know if that's good or bad! Go Cory!

The good news is he decided to learn how to play his position in his first year in the league! What a great time to learn that!

I really learned how to play the PG position last year and how to slow the game down and have been working hard to improve my 3-point shot

Gana Diop

I think we're going to be better inside. We got bigger with Brendan coming in and Tyrus getting his weight back up. Getting another year for Biz and Byron is big too

It's hard to be worse than last year. Also, the 'adding weight' count is up to two! Also, some incredible insight reminding us that Byron is a large human being.

patrick: Gana what improvements have you made to your game during the offseason?

GANA DIOP: I just had to get back in shape. I was disappointed not being in shape last season but now I'm ready to play