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Learning things from the Bobcats players livechat, part 2

Kemba Walker

Reggie: For Kemba: your shoe's colors are amazing. which pair of have been your favorite to wear?

KEMBA WALKER: Honestly color doesn't really matter to me

Wow. I love the allegory to post-racial society in that answer. Man, I never knew he was so deep. /standing ovation

As far as offseason improvements, Walker said he looked to improve his "shooting and passing - my ability to find the open man," which he believes will be aided by Dunlap's system:

It's going to help me a lot because he has me being a lot more aggressive and getting to the paint and become a scorer as well as find my teammates [...] It's going to effect my midrange - he definitely wants me to get in the paint more, so my money shot is definitely going to be in that midrange area

And now a question from davis: "how many games are you guys going to win this season?

I'm not going to say a specific number but it's going to be a lot

Well that settles that.

Tyrus Thomas

On if he has legs:

Yes I am back and I do have my legs

On what he improved in his offseason:

everything - i don't think that I needed to focus on one specific thing. i just wanted to improve all-around

This is a fair point. I think too often we view offseason improvement as a video game process of adding points to one category until they level up, while in fact they do work on a variety of things. Anyway, yeah Tyrus has some room to improve all-around. A lot of room.

Milt: You have always been seen as a player with a ton of potential. Are you ready to turn that potential into tangible product on the court?

TYRUS THOMAS: yeah, sure

Sounds confident. What an in-depth answer.

Spain Cats: I like your new hair-style!

TYRUS THOMAS: i'm growing something special

/new Tyrus Thomas Jordan Brand commercial: "Is it the hairdo?" "It's the hairdo, right?" "Money, it's gotta be the 'do!" /worst-selling hairdo of all-time

Reggie Williams

Reggie found last season tough with his surgery and said he wants to return to form "knocking down 3's, getting to the cup and scoring and finding [his] teammates." He also noted how last year's team had a lack of chemistry with the lockout and this squad should have better cohesiveness.

Jeffery Taylor

On what he can bring to the team:

I think I'm a good defensive player who is able to guard a lot of different positions on the perimeter. I can also be a solid knock-down shooter

On if he can stop Michael Jordan:


Then he'll always have a spot close to MJ's heart.