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Bobcats media day livechat, part 3

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Byron Mullens

On what he worked on this offseason:

defense and rebounding [...] I'm working on my post game but still working on my jump shot as well. playing with Biz helps out both of us, but playing with Brandon is going to be good as well

Brendan Haywood

Some really good stuff on what he brings to the team as far as helping the younger players improve

The advice i have for the bigs is to be vocal and physical inside. as the last line of defense you have an obligation to tell your teammates what is going on on defense - if a screen's coming, if they're isolated, etc - so you always want to be vocal as a big

Gerald Henderson

Offseason improvements:

What I've improved upon most is my 3-pointer and my conditioning. I'm also working on my leadership skills. the position that i'm in on this team I have to be able to communicate with different guys. I have to get it done on the court too

He also has apparently lost a little weight, having implemented a gluten-free diet and can now jump a little higher, he says.

Milt: Are you ready to turn the corner and become a super star?


Well that's all we need to know there!

Ben Gordon

On what he likes about the team:

I like the fact that these guys work hard and are competititve. a lot of these young guys have had winning experiences in the past. hopefully those core values these guys have will help translate into us winning more games

On if he can play alongside Kemba:

I think we can. his abiility to get in the lane and make passes on the move are the same and our abilities to create our own shots with play well together

/starts singing "Double Vision" by Foreigner