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Bobcats livechat highlights, part 4

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Bismack Biyombo

Biz is about to get busy!

That was Biyombo's first quote from the livechat. No question was asked, that's just how he began it. This guy.

He said he's been working on his post game, namely his hook shot. Biyombo added that they've been doing tennis ball drills to help with his hands catching the ball. As far as what he learned in his first season playing against the NBA's best, he said he learned he had to get stronger.

BISMACK BIYOMBO: i'll say things have been improving - Biz has gotten better

Either someone else is writing these or Biyombo has taken a liking to talking about himself in the third person. And I think it might just be more likely that he's become a big fan of the third person, honestly.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

There was nothing more important from his chat than this bombshell:

#1catsfan: is there another nickn.ame you like better than mkg?


Wow. More on this at 11.

Ramon Sessions

On why he decided to pick Charlotte:

Coach Dunlaps style of play really fits my game. To play for my favorite player of MJ too is great, and I'm closer to home. Everything worked out at the right time

He also mentioned how he continues to want to try to improve his three point shot to keep defenses honest.

Well, that wraps up the livechat highlights. I'll check around for other quotes and see what other tidbits of interest are out there.