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Halftime Update: Hornets 38, Bobcats 36

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Well the first quarter wasn't great for Charlotte against the New Orleans Hornets. The Bobcats started off a humble 1-14 from the field and rounded out the quarter shooting 3-22. Luckily, Charlotte only trailed 23-7 after the first quarter. If there is anything this Bobcats team loves, it's preseason second quarters. For the second game in a row Charlotte staged a furious comeback in the second quarter.

At the half the Bobcats managed to trail by just two, 38-36. Forcing New Orleans to turn the ball over helped the Bobcats gain some ground. Charlotte won the turnover battle in the first half getting 12 from the Hornets and limiting their own to just six.

Gerald Henderson was the leading scorer, off the bench, throwing in 10 first half points. The Bobcats starters only managed 12 points between them. Ramon Sessions chipped in five off the bench as well.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist did not score and only played 7 minutes in the first half.

Fellow rooked Jeff Taylor played almost 12 minutes and brought some nice energy in the second quarter.

Byron Mullens led the team in rebounding grabbing five.

It wasn't pretty, it was on odd half and yet the Bobcats are only down two. Charlotte had a chance to tie or take the lead on the final shot of the half but Ben Gordon's attempt hit the side of the backboard, so that didn't work.