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Some takeaways from the Bobcats open practice

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Some fun things and serious things from the Bobcats' open practice in Charlotte tonight


I'm back in Charlotte for a few days during my fall break, so I decided to journey uptown to watch the free Bobcats practice open to the public for my first glimpse of the new team. While there, here's what I gathered:

  • I'm not sure what significant improvements have been made to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Watching him shoot jumpers tonight did not instill me with confidence. He was often off-balanced, not square with the basket and still had that hitch in his shot. Even when they went in, I cringed. Unfortunately, this was not one of those practices where he showed the rest of his skills, aka the skills that made him a top pick.
  • I thought Kemba Walker and Matt Carroll had particularly good practices, but again, the practice was mostly jump shots. That said, both had poor shooting seasons last year, so hopefully they have made improvements.
  • lol DeSagana Diop shooting jumpers from the elbow
  • Ben Gordon's shooting form is unusual (it looks like his hand is on top of the ball when he releases it), but still he gets solid arc and backspin so the result works.

After the practice, they had a dunk contest.

  • Dunlap [jokingly] to Higgins: "Cory, I expect you to be in this. You've got that kind of rise, right?"
  • Jeffery Taylor is an athletic freak. He pulled off some very impressive acrobatic and even powerful dunks, including the Vince Carter elbow-on-the-rim and nearly a free-throw line dunk (he had a step inside the line).
  • Tyrus Thomas did a layup. I'm not kidding.

Then before they concluded with an autograph session, Matt Carroll conducted rookie dance-offs for this year's rooks and last year's.

  • Jeffery Taylor is very shy.
  • Bismack Biyombo cannot dance oh my god hahahahahahaha