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Heat at Bobcats Preview: Facing a Red Giant

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With the young Bobcats going against the defending champion Heat and their starters, the score may not be as important as how they played the game.

On Tuesday night, LeBron James and Gerald Henderson will collide again.
On Tuesday night, LeBron James and Gerald Henderson will collide again.

Gametime - 7 p.m. EST

TV? Not that we're aware of. Radio? League Pass Audio on

Red Giant: what astronomers believe to be the final phase of our sun's life cycle. During that phase the sun's surface area will expand past the Earth's surface. And due to the rise in the heat in the atmosphere (That's my tie-in! We're talking Heat, not Suns) all of the Earth's bodies of water evaporate and the Earth turns to dust. Of course, we all go extinct long before then, so no worries.

(Before anyone with an astronomy background corrects my info above, remember that I'm a basketball blogger with a fitness background. I'm not worth your brilliance.)

Now, I'm not saying that the final score of tonight's game will remind us of this phenomenon at the end of the game; I'm just saying. On second thought, Miami's logo does look like a gaseous red ball of fire...

Still, you never know. This game could be worth watching, and what else are you going to do with no Panthers, Hurricanes, or college games to watch? Better yet, you could just, I don't know, by a cheap ticket and be there. I know you're disappointed either way that you won't get to watch Byron Mullens trade threes with Rashard Lewis, but there's still plenty of reasons why you should care.

At least we'll get to see the Heat play their starters, which should mean a good test for everyone. I mean, we'll get to see LeBron go head-to-head with MKG and Biz, probably. Aren't you curious to see how the kid responds?

Then there's the matchup of the backcourts, which seems pretty interesting to say the least. As far as the two guard spot goes, the Bobcats are also capable of putting forth quite a bit of production just like Miami. Well, maybe not just like Miami, but you get my drift.

And if the Heat's surface has figuratively expanded to the Bobcats' orbit by halftime, there may be more Dexter Pittman, Josh Harrelson, Garret Temple and Rodney Carney than we care to see. Even if things do get out of hand, I still want to see how this team responds to the situation. Do they stop trying to get the best shot, stop working as hard defensively or make careless mistakes? It's not easy for a young team to be able to lose and continue playing hard knowing that there's no way they'll win. If they get over-matched, I want to see their reaction.

I'm not talking about moral victories, either. I'm talking about learning more about this team and how they will handle adversity. That should be interesting.

Well, game is at 7pm EST, and no TV still, but League Pass Audio should be carrying the game. As always, we'll be here, too.