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Halftime: Bobcats, hot from behind the arc, take 12 point lead

Score: Bobcats 55 | Bucks 43

  • Well, my audio doesn't work so I've just been watching ESPN's gamecast. But it seems this has been a rather streaky game. The Bucks at one point had a team FG% around 28 percent. Mike Dunleavy mostly saved that with his 5-for-6 shooting off the bench
  • Gerald Henderson made a three-pointer!
  • Kemba is 3-for-6 with 6 assists and 10 points. Pretty good.
  • Not much Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out there, only 4 minutes.
  • Gerald Henderson is 5-for-11 for 11 points
  • Brandon Jennings is putting on an oh-fer shooting performance, currently 0-for-6 at the break.