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Recap: Bobcats lose 20-point lead, fall to Bucks, 100-90

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Alas, our poor Bobcats flew too close to the Sun.

They went back and forth early in the match, trading bricks with Milwaukee. Then as the Bucks kept up their poor shooting, the Bobcats began to run away with it. They forced 12 turnovers in the first half, scoring 20 points off those mistakes. What was once a close game seemed to be ballooning into the rare territory of a Bobcats blowout, in favor of the Bobcats for once!

But the best laid plans of bobkitties and men oft go awry.

The Bobcat train completely derailed. The conductor did his best to keep things on track but twas a doomed effort. The train ran over small children and left a wake of destruction through the city before coming to a thudding halt.

With 8:03 left in the third quarter, all was well. Shoot, it was better than well. All was stupendous. The defense was forcing the Bucks to their whim, and the offense clicking at a decent rate. The only players doing poorly were Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon. Even then, they had players shooting well enough to carry their struggles.

The the Bobcat train hit a bunch of cattle, were blindsided by another train coming at a 90 degree angle and were struck by lightning.

The offense halted, the defense no longer effective. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings were wholly ineffective and downright bad, finishing shooting a combined 4-for-25, and -- who would've thunk it -- when they sat on the bench, the Bucks went on a huge run! Doron Lamb and Tobias Harris led Milwaukee for most of the run as the Bobcats scrambled to do anything right. The field goal percentages switched places. Once safely in the 40s, Charlotte's FG% fell well below 40 percent. Milwaukee, conversely, dragged their mid-30s percentage into the mid-40s.

But it was too late. The train had long left the tracks, now plowing through a poor farmer's cornfield. There was no turning back, it seemed.

Upon inspection of the Bobcat train wreckage, investigators found a large problem integral to the train's functioning. Poor rebounding doomed them. The Bucks had outrebounded Charlotte 56-38, and gathered 21 offensive rebounds to the Bobcats' 12.

Kemba Walker sported a healthy game, as did Gerald Henderson and Brendan Haywood. And the Bobcats limited some of their other players, with Kidd-Gilchrist notching only 13 minutes and Byron Mullens only with 5 shots. After all, it is the next to last preseason game.

But do not worry, Bobcats fans. This was just a practice train. Another practice train will be leaving tomorrow when the Bobcats play Dallas (sorry, I erroneously thought today was the last preseason game). And then the real trains begin next Friday!