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Poll: How many games will the Bobcats win in 2012-2013?

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The Bobcats will not be very good this year. That much I think we all can agree on.

Thankfully, the Bobcats have a better roster than last year and are poised to improve upon last year's perfect storm of awfulness. But the number of wins that people are predicting is hardly unanimous. ESPN stat guru John Hollinger has them at 16 wins, CBS's Eye on Basketball crew has the Cats at 17, 18 and 23 wins from their three writers.

The predictions of wins in the teens may seem a little surprising. but I've got the Bobcats at 20 wins and am hardly confident they'll win that many. Twenty wins is winning one in four games. I'm not sure the Bobcats are that good, even with all the improvements they've made across the board on the roster and in coaching. I value effort a lot (especially after last year) but the talent disparity will be simply too much on many nights.

Here are our predictions:

Ben: 20-62

Brandon: 21-61

Connor: 21-61

David: 16-66

Derek: 22-60

Joshua: 25-57

Rufus On Fire Average (rounded off to the nearest whole number): 21-61