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Bobcats roster update, Henderson extension looms, waiver wire peeping

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Most NBA teams have made their training camp cuts heading into the regular season and the Bobcats are at 14 players currently, having ut Jeff Adrien, Paris Horne, Josh Owens and DaJuan Summers.

However surprising, Cory Higgins again makes the roster. Call it nepotism or whatever you want, but I think the move doesn't reflect well on the organization. I have seen very little to no evidence that shows Higgins has improved upon his previous season where he showed poor shooting and not much else, though arguably playing on such a bad team can skew the statistics. And yet, I just can't see how there aren't better point guards available on the market.

Lo and behold, the Bobcats still have a shot to add better depth to the team, whether at point guard or elsewhere as a result of the cuts from other teams.

Some interesting names now available include Ben Uzoh, Delonte West, Shaun Livingston, Andrew Goudelock, JaJuan Johnson, ADAM MORRISON TO SAVE HIS SPIRIT and FLIP MURRAY WHEEEEEE. The Bobcats are at 14 players, meaning they can sign one more player. It remains to be seen if they will take a flyer on someone, but if they feel the desire to feel out a prospect, they have the option.

In other news, the Bobcats picked up Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo's third-year options. Shouldn't come as a surprise.

Meanwhile, the deadline to give Gerald Henderson an extension is Wednesday night.