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Bobcats working to fix MKG's shot, Thomas' past weight issues, captains named, Henderson up for extension

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Coaching staff trying to improve MKG's shooting, Thomas recovers after ulcer-induced weight problems and Gerald Henderson is up for a contract extension.

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We've known this for a short while now, but Rick Bonnell has caught up with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and the Bobcats coaching staff on the process of rebuilding his jump shot. It's been said time and time again how broken it is -- late release with a hitch, jumping too high -- it had to be reworked.

The Bobcats staff has been working on it for a while, having approached him about it months ago. They worked with Kidd-Gilchrist in smoothing out the hitch and a more flowing controlled deep ball where he doesn't jump as much for his set shots.

But that's where the changes stop, interestingly enough.

Not everything is off. Dunlap doesn't want Kidd-Gilchrist changing anything inside 18 feet. The high arc of Kidd-Gilchrist's shot offers some compensation for the flaws, providing "shooter's roll" at the rim.

MKG will have to know when to differentiate between the two zones, between where to focus on this new shooting form and letting it fly like in the past.

On the plus side, Kidd-Gilchrist is extremely coachable, a rapt listener and eager to develop his game and improve.

In a shocking turn of events, Tyrus Thomas revealed the reason struggled with his weight last season: he was hospitalized for stomach ulcers only a week before training camp last year. In the shortened season with a barely existent preseason, Thomas said he couldn't manage to gain it back until the season ended.

He had hoped last season would prove to be further development from where he left off the previous year that was cut short because of injury. Instead he had the worst season of his career. Once again relegated to coming off the bench, his play was consistently subpar with a 36.7 FG percentage. With weight problems preventing Thomas' effectiveness at power forward, Paul Silas tried him at small forward. The move didn't go so hot. Tensions between Thomas and Silas came to a head after Silas became fed up with Thomas' demeanor on the court. The two had a physical confrontation in the locker room, just another blemish on the season for Thomas and the Bobcats.

Now Silas is gone and Thomas is still around, underperforming the expectations that came with the hefty contract he signed about three years ago.

Not only does Mike Dunlap now have a broken shot to fix with Kidd-Gilchrist, but he has a broken Tyrus Thomas to try to fix, too. Dunlap's goal to break Thomas from his slump is to simplify. He wants to play to Thomas' strengths naturally with transition basketball.

With Thomas in much better shape than last year, he at least has a much better shot at returning to the position and to some semblance of the player he used to be.


Your 2012-13 Charlotte Bobcats team captains: Gerald Henderson and Matt Carroll!

Henderson's pick makes plenty of sense, though Carroll's was definitely more of a surprise. But Carroll's a workhorse, giving complete dedication in summer practices and helping with the young'uns. It's nice to see him get this distinction with his commitment and leadership.

Henderson said he knows just why Carroll earned the distinction: "He's the best teammate I've ever had. We play the same position (competing for playing time) and he's always quick to help me or anyone else.''

Sure we can speculate as to why Kemba Walker wasn't a captain, but it really doesn't matter just in how it doesn't matter that Cam Newton isn't a captain for the Panthers or how LeBron James wasn't a co-captain for the Heat last year (Wade and Haslem were). But feel free to inject one as you feel it fits a narrative.


The deadline for extending 2009 draftees, including Gerald Henderson is rapidly approaching, with extensions negotiations ending at the end of the month. Without an extension, Henderson would face restricted free agency, like D.J. Augustin did last offseason with a qualifying offer.

I expect an extension to be offered and for Henderson to accept, frankly. They've stood by him since he was drafted, through Larry Brown, so turning down the extension would be surprising. The extension would keep him at a salary the Bobcats would likely find more agreeable than one driven up by the market economics of restricted free agency offer sheets.