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Let's talk about the Bobcats' new court design

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The Bobcats' new court design is awful so let's talk about it

The Bobcats' new court design must have been one of two things: (1) a mistake on a massive scale, or (2) an attempt to make the team look better, as in "Well, the Bobcats sucked it up last night but at least they didn't look as bad as their court!"

Just look at this atrocity of a basketball court.

I have a few quibbles about it.

1. Two-toned hardwood. I'm not a fan of the differing wood coloring style that changes at the three-point line. Especially with how many colors there are going on here, it's not quite palatable.

2. Busy color scheme. Let's count 'em: wood grain, light tan/peach/whatever inside the three-point line, navy, orange lines, grey in the logo, and of course the unmistakable hideous shade of electric blue. It's too much, and they don't particularly match well together. The use of the orange in the paint as lines makes no sense. Just phase out the orange on the court instead of just trying to force it into the layout. In fact, much of the colors incorporated here seem forced. It's so busy and confused. Yikes.

3. That blue. The old greyish-blue was hardly popular, but this one is so much worse in my eyes. I understand it has the fond nostalgia of the Hornets teal and familiarity of Carolina blue, but it's hideous in this format. It attacks the eye. There's so much of it and it draws the eye away from the court. I think the color isn't terrible, but perhaps in a smaller role, I'd like it more.

In the end, it seems like they were too ambitious to retain the orange from the team's history while trying to achieve too much with the design and new colors. Ultimately it seems they created a mishmash of court design.

Anyway, that's my take. What's yours?