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Bobcats vs. Hornets preseason game No. 2, second half

Some first half highlights:

Bobcats are 8-14 from three (57.1%) and 23-40 overall for a shooting percentage of 57.5%, turning around a seven-point deficit to a 12-point halftime lead.

Byron Mullens has 12 points on six FGA, all on three-pointers, and Jeffery Taylor had a couple treys.

Ramon Sessions showed some good playmaking (6 assists)

MKG may not have been finding a supreme scoring touch, but he fills up the stat sheet.

Bobcats guards (Walker/Gordon/Sessions/Henderson) combined for 13-25 shooting for 30 points. That group will shoulder a heavy load of scoring throughout the season.

Robin Lopez, a merely mediocre center, abused the Bobcats at center and had 11 points and 7 rebounds in the first half.