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UPDATE: Bobcats trade Matt Carroll to New Orleans Hornets for Hakim Warrick

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE: And now it's done. Here's the Bobcats' press release.

Wow! How could the Bobcats even think of trading co-captain Matt Carroll?!? This is such a windfall for the Hornets, good thing New Orleans jumped on it!

But seriously, this is a pretty insignificant trade. The Bobcats need more frontcourt depth and have little need for Carroll.

Warrick is a 30-year-old 6'9" forward, who has bounced around the league with stints most notably in Memphis and Phoenix. He's athletic and his scoring is decently efficient and has been consistently, though in limited minutes the past few seasons. He also turns the ball over a bit, is not a great rebounder and on the whole is pretty mediocre.

Matt Carroll on the other hand is a 32-year-old "sharp-shooter." I put sharp-shooter in quotes there because he was absolutely dreadful last year from behind the arc, though shooting had long been his strong suit. He made a whopping 18.6 percent of his three attempts last year. At one time in his career, Carroll was a very good shooter. It did not prove to be sustainable, but it happened. As the Larry Brown years arrived, Carroll had to adjust and changed his ways a bit. He drove more and took fewer threes. But it didn't matter. The Bobcats needed a bigger frontcourt and so dealt Carroll for DeSagana Diop. As fate would have it, the Bobcats returned Carroll about two seasons later. Still he has yet to find the magic that earned him that big contract so many years ago. He's a hard-working guy, one you undoubtedly want in your locker room, but he's a sub-par shooter and not a good defender.

Salary-wise, it's the verbal equivalent of shrugging your shoulders. Carroll's in his last year of his contract, worth $3.5 million. Warrick's contract is worth $4 million this year and the team has the option to pick up a second year after this season if they so choose at the same price (ShamSports).

Or who knows, maybe they'll trade back for Matt Carroll in a season or two. How can the Bobcats turn down Hakim Warrick's 29.5 PER down though??? (through one game)