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The Charlotte Bobcats are on a winning streak: IT'S A CELEBRATION

The Bobcats are 3-3 SO LET'S CELEBRATE

Streeter Lecka

For the first time since April of 2011, the Charlotte Bobcats are on a winning streak, so dadgummit let's celebrate!

OK, everyone take a shot for each consecutive win! Now that you're slightly buzzed, let's look at things to be happy about.

  • We don't have zero wins!
  • We almost have more wins than losses!
  • Did I mention we don't have zero wins?
  • Kemba Walker is scoring nearly 19 points/5 assists/3 steals per game.
  • The Bobcats currently have the eighth-best offensive rating, third best TOV%, fourth-best ORB% and the seventh-best FT/FGA (free throws per field goal attempt)
  • Ramon Sessions is scoring 16 ppg and averaging about 5 apg.
  • Ben Gordon is dropping about 15 ppg with about 43% shooting from behind the arc.
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is looking like a monster of a rookie, with 13 ppg, 8 rpg, a steal and two blocks per game on 49 percent FG% and getting to the line pretty well.
  • Cory Higgins has not been on the court for more than 10 minutes total so far.
  • Brendan Haywood is almost averaging a double-double with 8 ppg and 9 rpg.
  • The following are the Bobcats' top PERs: Kemba 22.13 | MKG 19.75 | Sessions 19.71 | Gordon 18.37 | Henderson 17.21. (source)
So yeah, things are pretty OK right now. Sure, there's plenty of room to improve, but gosh darn it, we deserve to have this celebration.