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Charlotte Bobcats at Minnesota Timberwolves GameThread

Here's an excerpt from Neil Paine of ESPN and Basketball-Reference on Hakim Warrick from an article titled "Most Overrate, Underrated Players." You should be able to guess which category he falls under.

Warrick is the undisputed champion of overrated players, putting up a brutal minus-6.8 career mark (only Ron Mercer's minus-7.7 was worse among those with 6,000 minutes played from 2001-12). Warrick averaged 11-12 PPG during his heyday, before coaches figured out that he was costing them dearly at the other end of the floor. And the real surprise is that Warrick's Regularized Plus/Minus on offense was even worse than his defensive rate, the product of poor floor-spacing and rarely passing the ball.

So that's fun.