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Tyrus Thomas out at least two months with calf injury

What are the lasting impacts for Thomas and the Bobcats?


Per Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, Tyrus Thomas has torn his plantaris muscle in his left calf, sidelining him for two months or more as he recovers. No surgery is required, Bonnell reports, but the second-degree strain and torn muscle will take a long time to heal.

For Thomas, this is another setback in the power forwards frustratingly inconsistent career. Ever since getting injured in the middle of his first full season with the Bobcats with a new contract, Thomas has not been the same player fans hoped he would be. Each year we've seen Thomas try to make his comeback, whether marred by health issues, problems of the mind and consistency or simply not playing good basketball. Last season was a career-worst in nearly every way for Thomas on the court. He suffered stomach ulcers, which gave him further difficulty in managing his weight. In turn this led to Thomas being underweight and miscast as a small forward.

This season had yet to show any significant improvement, but we did see more from him than last year -- though that doesn't quite say a whole lot. Rather, it's back to the bench suit for Thomas.

For the direct future, the Bobcats proved wise with their trade for Hakim Warrick, if only to shore up depth in the case of injury. You can bet we'll see a lot more of Warrick in the coming months.

For the distant future, you have to wonder about whether the Bobcats might exercise the amnesty clause on Thomas to rid them of his contract, which has over $18 million left on it after this season.