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Charlotte Bobcats' Biggest Surprise So Far: Being Cool


The Bobcats are pretty daggone cool.

You wouldn't have thought that last season, but it's true.

They're cooler than a leather jacket. Cooler than a leather jacket at a rock and roll concert. Cooler than a leather jacket at a rock and roll concert driving a Corvette. Cooler than a leather jacket at a rock and roll concert driving a corvette playing air hockey. Cooler than a leather jacket at a rock and roll concert driving a Corvette playing air hockey with Samuel L. Jackson.

If Thom Yorke were a polar bear, the Bobcats would be cooler than his toenails. The Bobcats are cooler than Aaron Paul jumping a skateboard off the Golden Gate Bridge while playing blues guitar and teaching young children how to play soccer. Ron Swanson's mustache writing rap songs about grilling a brisket isn't as cool as the Charlotte Bobcats.

These are just the facts and as your humble Rufus on Fire journalist I am simply reporting them.

This is hardly what people expected, but you can't deny the truth.

Of all the awesome things from this season so far, this is perhaps my favorite. Why? Because it's the culmination of all the improvements we have seen. The team is endearing itself to fans and the community. They're fun, they're young, they're athletic and they play hard. They have a rookie who is quite promising and versatile in many dimensions. They also have a guy who did this. but one of the neatest things is that they look like a team that's meshing fairly well. Dunlap has made adjustments that resulted in the team going 4-1 in the past five games.

Someone asked me on Twitter the other night what has changed for this team. Frankly, it's everything. The coaching has brought about a more committed team. He's gotten the the team to keep true to his words from before the season as the Bobcats are now running the 8th-fastest offense. The roster is better and is creating better scoring options. The defense is improved and is all over the place, creating more fastbreak opportunities.

It's not there yet. We know this. The team is not running an efficient offense and is still less talented than many other teams. However, they're thrilling and the franchise has instilled hope in a team that had less than zero last year.

The Bobcats are fascinating this season and have made for some very fun basketball, even if sloppy at times.

The coolness hasn't reached the masses yet as evidenced by low levels of attendance and they're far from being accepted by the general public who isn't as in tune to teams not in Los Angeles or New York or Miami. However, the most devoted circles of NBA fans are enjoying watching one of the most fun teams push the rock and give more talented teams a run for their money.

Going from the worst team of all-time to being surprisingly competitive is awesome. The upcoming stretch of games is murderer's row for Charlotte, so the fun will likely decrease. But that's okay. Sports have their ebbs and flows, their crests and troughs.

But for now?