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Charlotte Bobcats at Washington Wizards Game Preview


Gametime: 7:00 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (via shinemyshoes)

Game Overview

The Wizards are favored in this game by 4 points, which is kind of weird considering they haven't won a game yet and the Bobcats have a winning record and the Bobcats just beat them 11 days ago 92-76. I guess they have the advantage of rest and being at home but the Bobcats have young legs so it's not like it's some huge advantage.

Whoa, it's weird to be on this side of the discussion.

Anyway, the Wizards now have Shaun Livingston, which is really cool. He's like John Wall-lite so that will be fun.

The major weakness in the Bobcats defense has been three-point shooting, but the Wizards shoot nearly as poorly from three as the Bobcats do. Anyway, enjoy the game, ladies and gentlemen.