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Charlotte Bobcats at Atlanta Hawks game preview


Gametime: 7:30 p.m.

Today's Tunes:

Regiment - Byrne/Eno (via ByrneEno)

Game Overview:

Finally, the Bobcats play their first game in four days. Yep, the Bobcats definitely have not played a basketball game since beating the Wizards on Saturday. Nope, just chillin' and 'laxin' for a while, the Bobcats surely did not play any game against any basketball team named for weather.

Anyway, back to Atlanta for the Bobcats who fell to the Hawks less than a week ago by 10 points. Though the Bobcats once again struggled to defend the three-pointer, much of their troubles stemmed from a powerful offensive weakness in that their halfcourt offense is quite inefficient. The Bobcats are a terrible three-point shooting team yet continue to give Byron Mullens plenty of looks there even though he's looking like a much more respectable threat in the paint. This creates a lack of in-out ball movement, giving the opponent easier defensive rotations.

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