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Ben Folds Five wants to be the Charlotte Bobcats' pit band for a night -- UPDATE

The local homegrown popular alt-rock band from Chapel Hill wants to contribute their talents to the local NBA team.

Pretty neat to see a pop culture icon from the area want to be involved with the Bobcats for once in a blue moon (LOOKING AT YOU, PETEY PABLO). An employee with the organization told me he's sent Folds' tweet to others and will try to get this to work. I'm an undying fan of live music as both a cultural showcase, entertainment and a social activity and love it way more than piped-in music. I just wonder how they'd do it. Pit bands are usually dozens of people to create the sound that has to fill a large stadium. An NBA size pit band would have to be either very large or mic'd up to the PA system. I'm very interested to see how this might work out.

Come on Bobcats, bring in Ben Folds Five!

From their new album, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind - "Do It Anyway" (via BenFoldsFiveVEVO)

UPDATE: The wheels are in motion!

Yay? I mean, it's pretty lame he only follows one person and won't follow the Bobcats' Twitter account just to work out the details and stuff but OK.