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Bobcats down 56-48 at halftime with inconsistent effort

So far the Bobcats are being frustrated. They're being frustrated on offense and defense, mostly because the Magic are giving more consistent effort on both sides of the court.

We've seen Orlando push the ball at the rim harder and faster than the Bobcats and with ease. They're on day 2 of a back-to-back and they're still attacking the Bobcats' interior defense. Jameer Nelson has led the way, hitting from inside and out, penetrating and hitting a three. Glen Davis has also done well, getting into the paint and hitting the occasional jumper. They're finding the gaps in the defense, exploiting the passing lanes and making close shots. They have 36 points in the paint so far. Yowza.

The Bobcats, on the other hand, have been inconsistent. The ball movement at times has been poor and at other times, excellent (like when they pulled themselves back into the game). Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson have been the workhorses to this point, with a combined 22 points on 20 shots. Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon have contributed off the bench to the scoring effort, but the defense has been where Charlotte's struggled most.

Yet, they're still down only eight points. There's plenty of time to tighten up the interior defense and get ball movement going to find good looks as they have done so far. The defense is the problem, though. Start making shots in the paint harder for Orlando, and Charlotte will have a better shot.