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Charlotte Bobcats at Golden State Warriors game preview

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Gametime: 10:30 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Frank Ocean - Bad Religion [Channel Orange] (via CSHH16)

Game Overview

You know, I'm getting pretty tired of this losing thing. I miss being on the fun side after a game's over.

Anyway, the Bobcats face the Warriors again tonight, with the last battle being mostly one-sided. To avoid a similar fate, the Bobcats need to either get really lucky with Golden State shooting poorly or improve defensive rotations or magically hit every shot they take. The most realistic choice should be the second option there, but the most likely to happen is probably the first one.

Look to David Lee to once again have a big night against this Bobcats frontcourt. The Bobcats will need a full defensive effort to hinder this Golden State offense that can score from anywhere.