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Bobcats can't match Warriors' firepower, lose 14th straight 115-100

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This will be brief, as the Rufus On Fire family had a family emergency.

The Bobcats just couldn't slow down Golden State last night, en route to their 14th straight loss. David Lee had a triple double and Stephen Curry hoisted a career high eight three pointers to lead Golden State to victory.

Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson started hot in the first half, each with 16 points, but cooled considerably in the second. Walker did not score in the second.

But once again, it was the failing of the defense to at least keep the game close. Effusive ball movement inside and out dismantled the Bobcats. The Warriors hit threes as well as they were hitting twos.

Alas, such is the Bobcats way.