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Charlotte Bobcats at Brooklyn Nets game preview

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Mike Stobe

Gametime: 7:30 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Tom Vek - One Horse Race (via jake92195)

Game Overview

Let's go over this timeline:

  • Offseason 2012 - Nets move to Brooklyn with new heights of expectations. Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez all resign and they acquire Joe Johnson from Atlanta. Jay-Z holds concerts to break ground on the arena.
  • November 18, 2012 - Brooklyn is 6-2, rivaling the Knicks for best team in New York. All seems to be going well.
  • November 26, 2012 - With an overtime win over the Knicks, the Nets prove they're the superior basketball team in New York City -- at least for this one night.
  • December 3, 2012 - Avery Johnson is awarded Coach of the Month for November after the Nets go 11-4 that month.
  • December 27, 2012 - Avery Johnson is fired.
So now all of a sudden this becomes a much more interesting game. It would be far too enjoyable for Bobcats fans to see the Bobcats further the Nets' woes while ending their own losing streak. However, it would be unwise to discount the Nets pulling together their focus to give a concerted effort after Johnson's firing.

The Nets run the slowest offense in the NBA, which is pretty fitting for a team that gives 38-year-old Jerry Stackhouse significant minutes. Andray Blatche once again looks like an NBA player after a couple years of being infected with poor motivation and lethargy in Washington.

As for the rest of the Nets, Gerald Wallace is Gerald Wallace. Deron Williams is struggling with the offense and missing a high percentage of his shots that don't come at the rim.