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DeSagana Diop preparing for retirement, crushing the hearts of fans everywhere

DeSagana Diop is contemplating retirement. I couldn't believe it either.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Our dearly beloved Senegalese 7-footer is apparently just about ready to pass on to the after(basketball)life, he told HOOPSWORLD.

Please play the following musical selection as you read, to properly emote to the news.

"I'm the second oldest guy on the team. It's crazy. You know when I was coming into the league I was 18 [years old], the youngest. It went so fast though."


But don't fret, fellow Bobcats fans: Diop loves Charlotte and intends on ending his career here.

"I like Charlotte a lot," Diop said to HOOPSWORLD. "I get along with the coach [Mike Dunlap], the general manager [Rich Cho] and the good people of Charlotte.

"I've got a couple more years and I'm out of here," Diop said. "I'm going to play until I can't play anymore."

Uh, a couple more years? He does know his contract is up after this season, right? And I think that last sentence of his quote can stand alone.

So don't forget to pour out some of your drinks today in honor and preparation for our giant prince's retirement and ascent into the annals of basketball heaven.

I just wonder if he'll score any points this season before that happens.

H/T SB Nation