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Charlotte Bobcats reportedly in the chase for DeMarcus Cousins

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After DeMarcus Cousins' recent suspension, he finds himself on the trading block. The Bobcats are rumored to be one of the teams in the hunt for a deal with the Kings.

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I hate to say it, but the Sacramento Kings are a messy situation, on and off the court. Their owners are bumbling doofuses that desperately want to leave a home that fought for them to stay. The team is inconsistent and is home to a bunch of young talent, perhaps mostly notably of whom is DeMarcus Cousins. He's a top-quality talent, especially on offense as a post player. Cousins is perhaps Sheed-like in his demeanor, outspoken and wearing his emotions on his sleeves. But this has rubbed people in the Kings organization the wrong way, resulting most recently in Cousins' suspension for conduct detrimental to the team, whatever that may be.

I'm hardly the most connected person in knowing what's going on with the Kings, but the situations Cousins has been through must be frustrating. Coaching problems, GM problems, owner problems, etc. I can't be so quick to ignore one side of the topic. And yet it seems Cousins is on the trading block by the wishes of most in the Kings' front office, save for the owners. In fact, the Maloofs forcibly reinstated Cousins after his suspension. This is an icky situation, no doubt.

Trade rumors have surfaced and the one that raises an eyebrow for me is this: [emphasis mine]

Today KSR has spoken with a source close to Demarcus Cousins both that confirms trade talks are ongoing and Cousins is hoping a deal will be worked out soon. According to the source, the four teams that are most likely to end up making such a deal for cousins are Boston, Dallas, Orlando and Charlotte. The USA Today story reported that Detroit, Houston and Washington are also potential destinations, but the source tells KSR that Cousins has been told those are all unlikely for a variety of reasons.

Of course, this is let the reader beware, as is the case with pretty much any rumor.

I have it on good word that this site does solid reporting and has its connections within the University of Kentucky sporting world, so you can take that at whatever value you'd like, too.

It's simple and easy to call a guy in professional sports a "head case," though I think that's a rather crummy and oversimplifying thing to call a person.

Cousins has a ton of talent and I'd be very intrigued to hear the trade conversations passing through the organizations.

It should be noted that KSR says the two favorites in dealings are probably the Celtics and the Mavericks.

For what it's worth, Fox Sports' Sam Amico says one GM told him the offer Charlotte made would be hard to turn down. No idea if that it means anything, but if true, I have to wonder who would be included in that, outside of obvious draft picks. Kemba Walker seems safe, especially since the Kings are already decently solid at the guard spot. Biyombo seems more likely because his upside isn't as bright as Walker or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but with such limited upside, would Sacramento be so enticed to make that trade?

Just questions abound, here. As always with trade rumors, take everything with a heaping burlap sacks of salt. Anything could be posturing by GMs or opposing GMs or inside people or leaking of information to scope reaction. Be cautious out there.

What possible trade deal do you think would be reasonable in this situation?