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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Chicago Bulls preview -- Game 26

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"There's No Home For You Here" - The White Stripes

Game Overview: The Bobcats are continuing to heal up, and it seems Corey Maggette will be first to return to the active roster. Yay? Anyhoooooo, the Bulls come to town after dismantling the lowly Hornets 90-67. Derrick Rose is a little touch-and-go with some back spasms, but he toughed it out for 22 minutes in New Orleans. As most of us know, Chicago's bread and butter is their stifling defense. Their offense revolves around Rose as playmaker. His range is catching up to his penetration ability, which is frightening. The Bulls frontcourt is also daunting with the much-maligned Carlos Boozer and defensive-minded rebounding machine Joakim Noah. Luol Deng holds down the perimeter defense.

Meanwhile, defense has not been the Bobcats' forte, giving up points seemingly at will in the paint. The offense is improving with the addition of Reggie Williams, who is showing us that he's more than just a talented gunner. Still, it's no powerhouse and the Bobcats will need extraordinary effort combined with the Bulls being complacent (yeah, like that'll happen with Thibodeau coaching) to possibly win.

Key Matchup: Boris Diaw vs. Carlos Boozer -- Interior defense has been the death knell for the Bobcats throughout the season so far. This Boozer fella? That's where he makes his bread. He rebounds and scores in the post well. Diaw, on the other hand, does not. Diaw is a decent post defender, but the Bobcats might need him to come up big in the paint to help keep them competitive in this one.

Carlos Boozer's Kids Don't Even Cheer For Him Of The Day: