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Charlotte Bobcats vs Los Angeles Clippers preview -- Game 27

Today's Tunes:

"Fo Yo Sorrows" - Big Boi (feat. George Clinton, Too Short and Sam Chris)

Game Overview: The Clippers are the new NBA superteam after trading for Chris Paul. Paul and Blake Griffin are a dynamic pick and roll combo (though Chris Paul and anyone could be a great PnR combo). The Clippers are a young, athletic squad that loves to run but can also run a good halfcourt offense. Chris Paul is essentially the coach, because Vinny Del Negro is just awful. Paul sees angles and openings so very well and needs no invitation to take advantage the moment he notices them. Griffin is not just a dunker and has a respectable post game, but desperately needs to improve his midrange game to keep defense guessing. DeAndre Jordan is a shot-blocking force, a safety in the paint flying over to protect the rim. Mo Williams also has a strong role as the 6th man, scoring efficiently.

Meanwhile, the Bobcats are right off playing like hot doo-doo, losing by 31 to the Rose-less Bulls. Yeah. 'Nuff Said.

Key matchup: Boris Diaw vs Blake Griffin -- Diaw is a decent defender, but against freakishly athletic power forwards, there's a problem. He can't match their athletic gifts and unless Griffin decides to rely solely on his post game rather than driving and putting the ball on the floor, Diaw could get crushed. Defensively, Griffin is no force. Diaw's versatility in the post could create some good offensive opportunities, you know, if he actually was willing to be more of a presence in the post.

Skip Bayless Is Hilariously Awful Article Of The Day

Back in 2001, Skip Bayless called for the Bulls to draft DeSagana Diop, calling him "the only man alive age 18 or above with the potential to be better than Shaquille O'Neal." Yeah. And there are so many other great quotes. A must-read.