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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Philadelphia 76ers preview -- Game 28

Today's Tunes:

"Same Old Song" - The Weeknd

Game Overview: Today the 76ers come to Charlotte. They've cooled considerably since the first time they met a few weeks back, after dropping a 20-point loss to the Heat and a couple closer games to the Spurs and Clippers. As I said last time, defense is the name of the game for them. They have stronger perimeter defense that does well to force opponents into low-percentage jumpers. Andre Iguodala has been terrific, as usual, in this regard and playing pretty good ball all around. Hawes had been a good part of the team, rebounding and passing well, but has since had concerning injury leave from heel and back problems. Still, Philly's making do, starting Tony Battie, then Lavoy Allen and bringing Nikola Vucevic off the bench.

And the Bobcats just broke their franchise record for consecutive losses. Woo! Making history, you guys!

Key Matchup: Reggie Williams vs. Jodie Meeks -- The Bobcats lineup puts Reggie at a particular advantage in the starting groups. While Maggette faces the daunting matchup of Andre Iguodala's defense, Williams is stronger and taller than Meeks. Hopefully Williams can exploit this matchup as a scorer and distributor.

On Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown's been surging as of late, scoring at an efficient clip while the rest of the offense is mired in quicksand. Rick Bonnell talked to him and Silas about the kid's play of late. It's good stuff.