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Charlotte Bobcats at Minnesota Timberwolves preview -- Game 29

Today's Tunes:

"Definition // Definition:RE" - Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli

Game Overview: D.J. Augustin will reportedly return tonight, which is very good news. Augustin's one of the more consistent shooters on the team, runs the pick and roll well and takes care of the ball. There's been a clear drop-off since Augustin's injury, in part due to Kemba Walker having to learn on the fly at the starting PG and also because with DJ out and Walker starting, it leaves Cory Higgins as the only backup point guard. With Augustin back, the Bobcats become better on offense, not only in the starting lineup, but on the bench.

EDIT: Typo aside, Augustin will reportedly come off the bench tonight:

The Timberwolves are reeling on a four-game losing streak, though most of those were pretty close losses. Ricky Rubio has proven to be a great passer and facilitator of Rick Adelman's offense. Not only that, he's also a pretty good defender. His shooting leaves much to be desired, however. Kevin Love is the rebounding force many have come to know with great range on his jump shot. Nikola Pekovic is probably a name few know, but he's quietly making a name as a tough guy in the post, scoring and rebounding pretty well. Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams come off the bench to push bench scoring.

Key Matchup: Bismack Biyombo vs. Kevin Love -- I'm not even sure how much of this matchup we may see. Maybe not at all. But I'm interested to see Biyombo and Love try to fight each other for rebounds.

I love Nikola Pekovic video of the day: