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Charlotte Bobcats at Indiana Pacers preview -- Game 31

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"Comeback Kid" - Sleigh Bells

Game Overview: The Pacers are a basketball team. A professional one. In Indiana. Which is in Indianapolis. Which is in Indiana. Which is in America. Which is on the moon. No wait, it's on Earth. OK, that just about exhausts my knowledge of the Pacers, which is fairly slim because the last time I saw them play, it was in January against the Bobcats and all my memories of the Bobcats in January have been repressed.

But here's what I can gather about the Pacers after some reading and firing up the ol' League Pass Broadband machine. Danny Granger may not be the most consistent scorer for Indianapolis, but he is the most dynamic. He's a gunner with range all over the court as he's shown many, many times. Roy Hibbert will be making his first All-Star appearance this year, a big man that can rebound, score at a decent clip and defend the rim. David West is not playing nearly as well as past seasons in a more limited role on a solid Pacers squad, though still a decent starting power forward. Some may not have heard of Paul George until this past week when they announced the Slam Dunk Contest participants, but the man is a rising underrated threat. He's extremely talented on defense, athletic and developing as a scorer. And then there's Darren Collison, who has faltered this season in comparison to the last. He's quick and is a decent passer, but he's just an average scorer and distributor. Their bench isn't anything to sneeze at either with George Hill and Tyler Hansbrough (who never fails to be a thorn in the Bobcats' paws).

Key Matchup: Corey Maggette vs. Danny Granger -- Maggette is the Bobcats' best scoring threat with Henderson out because of his versatility and ability to draw fouls and get to the line for the most efficient scoring location on the hardwood. However, for all that he does, he's a bad defender. Maggette's often disinterested and slow to rotate. Therein lies the rub when facing the Pacers and guarding Danny Granger. If the Bobcats give Granger open shots early, they could be in for a painful night.

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