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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Indiana Pacer preview -- Game 33

Today's Tunes:

"40' " - Franz Ferdinand

Game Overview: I won't go very in depth today as you can just head back a few posts to read some broad analysis of what to expect of the Pacers. Roy Hibbert and David West are playing well right now and unless the Bobcats really step it up, I'd expect them to again have a reign of terror in the paint despite coming to Charlotte on the tail end of a back-to-back following last night's overtime win. The Pacers excel in the halfcourt offense and defense so the Bobcats should try to push the tempo. Let's hope they can keep the deficit in double-digits tonight. (/sarcasm)

Key Matchup: Bismack Biyombo vs. Roy Hibbert -- dear god, I hope Biyombo plays better against Hibbert tonight. I don't think I can take more Gana Diop.

In case you missed it

SB Nation's Jon Bois ranked airballed free throws and Diop won!