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Bobcats Poetry Corner

After reading Corey Maggette's transcendent flow, I was inspired. So I set out to write some (satirical) poetry from the eyes of a few Bobcats.

The Play Not Taken

Two paths diverged in a crowded paint,
And sorry I could not take them both
And be one center, long I pained
And looked at one as long as I could strain
To where it led to free throws;

Then took the other, nowhere as easy,
And having perhaps the dumber idea,
Because I can't hit water in the sea;
Many cried out in a desperate plea,
I ignored them, heaving midrange with glee.

And both that evening equally lay
On hardwood with no step dribbled.
Oh, I left the first for another game!
Yet knowing how I may not see the ball again,
I doubted I would escape without a quibble.

I shall be telling this without a sigh
For I must be the first player to break
The rim with a jump shot before I die--
I took the path more knuckleheaded,
And that has made all the difference.

- DeSagana Diop

This Is Just To Say

I have not eaten
the catered dinner
that was in
MJ's luxury box

and which
he was probably
for clients

I am not
hungry anyway
lol jk
I ate it all

- Boris Diaw

A Shot Deferred

What happens to a shot deferred?

Does it disappear
Like Gilbert Arenas' career?
Or fester like the Wizards--
and then get jeered?
Does it stink like a Diop jumper?
or get turned over--
when we defer?

Maybe it just sags
like ice cream in a root beer float

Or does it explode?

- Kemba Walker