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Charlotte Bobcats (5-33) at Oklahoma City Thunder (31-9) -- 8 p.m. EST

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"Crystalised" - The XX (via youngturksrecords)

Game Overview: Years ago, I got my first game of Madden for Christmas. Because of the game system's lack of available memory, there was limited space for pre-recorded analysis from Madden in the game. One of the phrases that I heard often was "Well, that's what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object!"

That is certainly not the case with tonight's game, barring, well, magic or something close.

The Thunder are the overwhelming favorite to make it to the finals from the Western Conference. Kevin Durant is probably the best scorer in the world right now, and what makes that especially amazing is that so much of his points come on jump shots, as opposed to the more efficient shots in the paint. Russell Westbrook is OKC's other dynamic scoring option, relying on his incredible speed and athleticism to get to the rim. He turns over the ball a ton, but is also a pretty good passer. Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins hold down the paint defensively and pose quite the threat to anyone who thinks they can just fly through the trees unabated for easy buckets. James Harden and his beard come off the bench as the 6th man. He runs the offense well and has great bball IQ, in addition to having a nice scoring touch. So yeah, they're a pretty complete team.

Key Matchup: Kevin Durant vs. Corey Maggette -- Maggette's a notoriously bad defender, but this isn't about his defense. We know Durant's going to score and there will be little the Bobcats can do to impede it. The Bobcats have no dominant defender with the size to match up with Durant one-on-one and he's got the shooting skillzzzz to destroy zone defenses. But Durant's also a pretty good defender because of his crazy length. Maggette has to use his strength to get past Durant and score inside and draw fouls.

Russell Westbrook Is The Best Dunking Point Guard In ... A Long Time

Westbrook soars through the open lane! (via NBA)