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Bobcats DON'T Lose To Hornets, Win 73-71


Tonight we have another guest writer with our recap. Please welcome Clay Mitchell, the infamous owner of


Look, I'll be straight with you. The first two and a half quarters of this game sucked. It was boring. Both teams played with little energy on both offense and defense. Aside from an early run by the Hornets, which came off of turnovers and Marco Belinelli threes, nothing happened in the first half. I'm still not entirely sure it did happen. While the Bobcats shot extremely well (47%, which for the Bobcats is stellar) they had 5 turnovers more than the Hornets and were down by 2 going into halftime.

The third quarter was much of the same, until the Bobcats' bench was inserted and the defensive intensity was ratcheted up significantly. The Bobcats started playing defense and collecting rebounds, making a run with a number of fast break scores. The Hornets went cold and the Bobcats took the lead. The lead grew to 13 with a Kemba Walker jumper at the 7:43 mark in the 4th.

But this is the NBA. Everybody makes a run, and the Hornets were no exception. Starting with a Trevor Ariza jumper at 6:17, the Hornets went on an 11-0 run while Reggie Williams clanked 4 straight jumpers, closing the lead to a mere 2 points. The teams traded baskets to get the to 73-71 with 5 seconds left. And the Hornets had the ball.

And then you know what happened?


After the inbound pass to Trevor Ariza and a fake handoff that both Gerald Henderson and Derrick Brown bit on, Ariza drove to the basket, lifting high for the dunk to tie the game.

Unfortunately for Ariza, nobody dunks on Bismack Biyombo. Leaving Kaman on the weak side, Biyombo came across the lane, blocking Ariza's attempt with both hands, ending the game.

After spending two and a half hours watching a very mediocre game played by two terrible teams, this made it all worthwhile. Bobcats win!

Biyombo's block saves the game! (via NBA)

Player Grades:

Bismack Biyombo: A+++. Played stellar defense on Chris Kaman, holding him to 12 points on 6-19 shooting. Had a career high in points (12) which included a couple of grown man post of moves. Also collected 7 rebounds and 4 blocks, the last of which was game saving.

Kemba Walker: A: Shot 60% from the field and had 14 points, while also collecting 3 turnovers and only 3 assists. He made some huge shots during the 3rd/4th quarter run. Kemba will be deadly if he can continue to hit that foul line pull-up.

Gerald Henderson: B: Had some early defensive lapses, losing Belinelli in transition, but broke free of a shooting slump. He got to the line 5 times and picked up 6 rebounds.

Tyrus Thomas: C: He basically did what he's been doing of late. Looked fairly lost on offense (4 points), but made some high energy hustle plays on defense. His +/- was 0, which is pretty apropos.

D.J. Augustin: D+: Ugh. After his performance against Oklahoma City, I believe all 4 people who follow the Bobcats were hoping he'd get things going. DJ was not particularly aggressive early on offense, and later when he did get to the lane, ended up throwing the ball away. The team ran better under Kemba in the second half.

Corey Maggette: Incomplete: After a listless first half where he just shot jumper, Corey didn't come out in the second half due to back spasms.

Byron Mullens: B-: Mully hit his open jumpers, grabbed a few rebounds and had a block. About what you want out of your backup 5.

Derrick Brown: B: Brown's statline doesn't really do him justice today. Did a lot of dirty work, knocked loose a number of balls and would have had more points had he not been the victim of some poorly targeted passes.

Reggie Williams: D: Didn't play particularly good defense and almost shot the team out of the game in the 4th. 3 of 13 shooting and 0 of 7 from three is not going to cut it.

Boris Diaw: C-: In a surprise appearance, Boris went 1-4, turned down a bunch of shots inside, missed his outside shots, had no rebounds, no fouls, no blocks and no steals. A quintessential Boris game.

D.J. White: B: Actually played pretty well in limited minutes. Hit half his shots and grabbed a couple of boards during the 3rd quarter run. I would have rather have seen him in the game over Boris down the stretch.

Weird stat of the night: Bobcats won though they hit no threes. They went 0-12. At least they outrebounded the Hornets by 10 (47-37).

None of this matters. BOBCATS WIN!