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Charlotte Bobcats at San Antonio Spurs preview -- Game 34

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"Shuffle a Dream" - Little Dragon (via SinisterDevilCheese)

Game Overview: The Spurs are good. Quite good. That's generally what happens when you have one of the best coaches ever, draft smart and build a cost-effective talented team. Even with unfortunate injuries plaguing Manu Ginobili, the Spurs play solid basketball, which is good, because otherwise I fear Pop would murder them. Tim Duncan's decline is noticeable, but he's still a solid rock of the team. Tony Parker's quietly put up fantastic numbers with Ginobili out. Parker, though shooting a worse field goal percentage than his career average, is scoring more per game, mostly off getting to the free throw line more often. Oh, and he's dropping eight dimes a game. Very nice. The rest of the Spurs are basically younger guys beginning to fill out as role players. DeJuan Blair has been more or less solid this year and former Tar Heel Danny Green has been a nice surprise for the Spurs.

Key Matchup: D.J. Augustin vs. Tony Parker -- Parker's extremely quick off the dribble and is great at penetrating perimeter defenses and finishing in the paint. Augustin's main weakness is quickness on defense. Ruh-roh.

I Love Pop So Here's My Favorite Pop Clip Ever

First Hack-a-Shaq In 5 sec In to the 08-09 season!!! (via UndergroundFame)