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Bobcats and Boris Diaw Agree To Buyout

As expected, the Bobcats have reportedly agreed to buy out the remainder of Boris Diaw's contract, per Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer. Here's more from Bonnell. And so ends the 3.5 year fairy tale pairing of Diaw and Charlotte. I weep for Mortimer's.

Rumors are that Boston will make a run at Diaw possibly San Antonio. But who cares about that!

Hit the jump for a little analysis.

With Diaw gone, not a whole lot will change on the power forward front, considering the Bobcats have been playing without him for a little while now. But what this does add is a roster spot for the Bobcats to fill, either for signing guys sitting on the waiver wire or calling up guys from the D-League. I never really bought into the whole "Diaw is a lazy bum and doesn't care" thing, but his removal does excise a player that long hasn't played with full aggression. That has no place on a team that needs everyone to play their guts out.