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Bobcats Walloped by Bucks 112-92


I wasn't sure how to write this recap. I had some hope that the Bobcats would break their losing streak against the Bucks, considering one of the two wins I've seen this season also came against Milwaukee. So, duh, Kenny Anderson gave me some advice.

I couldn't put it better.

It started off innocently enough, but by the end of the game I didn't want to think about it beyond "they played a game tonight."

Only one player on the Bobcats was only worth mentioning tonight: Gerald Henderson. On the first possession of the game, he received the ball on the wing, flashed past Monta Ellis and laid the ball in off the glass Throughout the night he poured it in from all over the court, save for behind the arc. Midrange, in transition, in the post -- he was doing it all. All told, Gerald Henderson finished just three points shy of tying his career-high with 29 points on only 19 shots. Most of this was against the smaller Monta Ellis, but Henderson rocked him. Ellis' defense is weak and Henderson exploited it.

The rest of the game I wish I could go without talking about.

Ersan Ilyasova helped hold off the Bobcats early by stretching the Bobcats' defense and rebounding well. Despite Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis' subpar offensive games, the Bucks completely owned Charlotte in the paint. Milwaukee finished the game with 72 points to the Bobcats' 34. The Bobcats' defense was just terrible. Poor rotations, a lack of talking and general apathy.

Offensively, no one was close to Henderson. Ball movement struggled, save for when Kemba was in. D.J. Augustin paid an homage to the recently-departed Boris Diaw by putting up a statline in the same vein of the Frenchman: 0-2 FG, two assists, zero points.

Everything else sucked, too. The end.