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Bobcats trashed by Nets 102-89


My video crapped out pretty early tonight so I was left following a box score for much of the evening. So I'll keep this short for the simple reason that I can't write a whole lot about it.

The game started as you'd expect. Nice effort, poor defensive weak side rotations allowing for ball movement to penetrate into the paint. The Nets also took advantage of some poor inside presence to overwhelm Biyombo on the offensive boards. It seemed like he was constantly trying to outrebound multiple men with no teammates in reach to help box out. Offensively, it was a mixed bag from Charlotte. D.J. Augustin turned in a much better performance than last night, but still didn't look very aggressive in the time I saw. Corey Maggette pulled out a bizarrely efficient first half, shooting 4-for-5 from the field (but finished 0-for-3 in the second half). Gerald Henderson must have left his scoring touch in Charlotte, because he didn't have it tonight. He did have some nice assists and it looks like he's gotten more confident in his dribbling and passing, which is nice. But the Bobcats need that scoring. Tyrus Thomas did some stupid things. I'll leave it at that.

Skip ahead to the end of the game and it's that same old song and dance. The Bobcats gave up 50 points in the paint and scored only 34 in there themselves. This may shock you, but the Bobcats are winless when they allow opponents to score 50 points in the paint.

In the end, I guess I should be glad I missed this one. The team was mostly mediocre, period. Byron Mullens led the team with 6-for-9 shooting with 17 points and 10 rebounds. Kemba Walker's shooting was inefficient, though contributed in a variety of ways. Derrick Brown and Reggie Williams combined for 8-14 shooting for 18 points, which is OK. Game over, the end, do not pass go, do not collect eighth win.