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Charlotte Bobcats vs. New Jersey Nets preview -- Game 35

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Radiohead - No Surprises (via parlophone)

Game Overview: My head hurts already thinking about this game. Brook Lopez is back for New Jersey, making up for lost time with 38 and 28 points against Dallas and Boston, respectively. Lopez is quite the talented big man on offense. Defensively... less so. He's an especially weak rebounder. That's not a big deal if you have a strong rebounder to pick up the slack. Kris Humphries fills that role pretty well for the Nets. The backcourt complements them nicely with MarShon Brooks' offensive versatility and Deron Williams' passing and driving ability. Defense is not their forte, but on paper, I'm liking their offense.

Key Matchup: Bismack Biyombo vs Brook Lopez -- This is assuming Biyombo returns tonight. As I mentioned above, Lopez doesn't rebound well, so Biyombo should be able to earn extra offensive possessions. Bismack is stronger than Lopez, despite the height difference, and with a lower center of gravity, one would hope to see Biyombo gain a strong advantage on the boards against Lopez. Biyombo's help defense will also be necessary in protecting the rim against penetration, which will be instrumental with Deron Williams at the point.

An Explanation

The other night, we had the wonderful Danny Chau cover the Bobcats-Spurs game. I was very excited to hear that he would be helping us out Friday and thoroughly enjoyed reading his take. Originally, I had planned on watching the game, but an odd turn of events after a Radiohead show in Atlanta that led to my friend spending most of the day at Atlanta Medical Center forced me to miss the game as I drove 6.5 hours back to Chapel Hill. Someday I'll have to tell that story in full. I particularly enjoyed crashing the Georgia Optometric Association Conference.