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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Orlando Magic preview

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Jay Z - You Don't Know (via graffitiboss101)

Game Overview: The Magic are on a tail end of a back-to-back after closing out a close one against the Raptors last night. It's a little scary that Dwight Howard went 16-for-20 from the field against Toronto because the Bobcats' frontcourt is even worse. Gulp. But if the Bobcats follow the Raptors lead in focusing on Dwight's teammates, maybe they have a chance at keeping the game somewhat close. Who knows. Forcing the Magic to beat you with the three is a better strategy than forcing Dwight to beat you while his pals get open looks from downtown.

Key Matchup: Boris Diaw vs. Ryan Anderson -- Ryan Anderson has really developed into a great counterpart for Dwight Howard. He's a decent rebounder but more importantly, he's a fantastic shooter with great range. You can't lose sight of him on defense or he'll kill you from deep. And so he helps create space for Howard in the paint to do work. On the other hand, Boris Diaw is a catalyst of sorts for the Bobcats. His passing can create tons of scoring opportunities in conjunction with scoring versatility ... when he's aggressive enough to take advantage of these skills.

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