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Boris Diaw Wants Out Of Charlotte

(SB Nation, Mike Prada) The Charlotte Bobcats are mired in an awful 4-31 rut right now, and their second-highest paid player, Boris Diaw, has suffered through a disappointing season. The veteran forward is in the final year of his contract, and he has raised the possibility of taking a buyout on his contract, president of basketball operations Rod Higgins told the Charlotte Observer.

"Boris and I had a meeting prior to the All-Star break, maybe Wednesday before. We talked about quite a few things,'' Higgins said. "The issue with the buyout, it was raised on their side, from [agent] Doug [Neustadt]. We haven't gone down that road any further.''

If Diaw were to be bought out, he could join a playoff team if he can agree on a buyout before March 23. Diaw is averaging just 7.7 points per game this year, and his propensity to pass up shots and his conditioning has frustrated Bobcats fans and coaches.