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Charlotte Bobcats (7-53) vs. Chicago Bulls (46-15) Game Preview -- 7 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

"Crayon" - Manitoba (via PatrickLoveless)

Game Overview: It's funny. Sometimes fans of the team the Bobcats are playing on a given day will talk to me on Twitter, bemoaning their team's current, giving me their reasons why they think their team will be the latest embarrassment to fall to the Bobcats. I had a Heat fan tell me they thought they would flop after an overtime loss to the Bulls on the previous night. Last night a Bulls fan told me it's highly possible they could lose to Charlotte, what with losing to the Wizards recently and Rose & Deng out with injury.

Mhm. Ok. Sure.

/bets all the money on the Bulls anyway

Key Matchup: If you MUST watch this (I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy), watch to see how a system of defense can transform a group of guys from just a groups of guys into a defensive unit that holds opponents to the fewest points per game. Mother of god, please view this game on a macro level looking at the game, as opposed to the micro level looking solely at the Bobcats, unless you want to feel sick. There will be solid basketball on display tonight, just don't focus all your viewing energy on Charlotte. Say it with me: "Six ... more ... games"

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