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Bobcats losing streak hits 18 after 100-68 loss to Chicago


We know the story by now: poor defensive rotations, inability to get shots in the paint, inability to defend shots in the paint, rebounding disadvantages. Blah blah blah.

Chicago's a great team. Without last year's MVP Derrick Rose and defensive stalwart Luol Deng, they're still the best-coached team in the NBA, capable of taking on the worst team in the NBA with ease. And that's just what they did last night, with Rip Hamilton and Carlos Boozer taking care of business.

I'll keep this short by only noting positive things. Kemba may not have shot well from the floor, but he turned in a pretty efficient scoring game because he got to the line very well, which is something we have been wanting see from him. Gerald Henderson got jammed on by Taj Gibson for Sportscenter's No. 2 top play, but he shot decently well from the field. Bismack Biyombo rebounded pretty well, grabbing 13 boards, six of which were on the offensive end. Derrick Brown continues to play hard and score pretty well. He makes mistakes on occasion, but I can live with that. He's showing us some good effort.

Welp, that's about all that's positive, so I'll end this here.

The Curse of Cardboard Gerald: 26 games, -18.1 point differential