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Top Grooming Moments in Bobcats Team History

Adam Morrison, deep thinker.
Adam Morrison, deep thinker.

Much of SB Nation's NBA blogs will be participating in making arguments of who in their team's history have the best facial hair. I'm not sure if it's a competition, but I do know that if it is, we better win.


Because Adam Morrison.

My argument should end there, but let's hit the jump for a little more.

Adam Morrison cannot lose this. He's lost so many things, but this cannot join them.

AmMo was THE STACHE. It was equal parts magical, gross, and fantastic. It was his calling card, his signature. When he was drafted by the Bobcats, they gave out fake mustaches at a game.

Through a rocky career in Charlotte, he lost so much: his quickness, his confidence, and eventually, his hair. It was crushing to see the transformation. At times you could see remnants of what he once was.

At times, you could see the remnants of the stache he once wore so proudly.

Adam Morrison may not have lived up to his potential as a basketball player, but he more than gifted us with a great couple years of the best mustache in eons.

And mother of god, we have won only 7 games this year, can't we win SOMETHING? /goes insane