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Charlotte Bobcats (7-58) vs. New York Knickerbockers (35-30) Game Preview -- 8 p.m. EST

Today's Tunes:

Sufjan Stevens - I Want To Be Well (via TonysNoize)

I began the season with Sufjan, and I'll end it with Sufjan.

Game Overview:

The Knicks have a little incentive to win this game tonight: a W would ensure playing the Heat in the opening round of the playoffs. Frankly, I don't really care about the "I like our odds against team x better than team y" argument, because in the playoffs, you're more than likely going to have your weaknesses exposed regardless if you're not a solid team so meh. Anyway. unless they lose and the 76ers win, they've got Miami

The Bobcats, on the other hand, have every reason to want to win. A loss would send them into the history books as the team with the worst winning percentage in NBA history. Lucky for us, TNT decided not to flex out this game for whatever reason and history could be made on national television. Hooray!

Good thing Charlotte doesn't have to match up with any super offensively talented small forwards or power forwards or anything. Piece o' cake.

Word is Carmelo Anthony might not play at all and Tyson Chandler will play limited minutes. Hooray not risking injury!

Key Matchup: EVERYONE VS EVERYONE! We need everyone to play pretty well, which means we need everyone on New York to not do that! IT'S EVERYONE VS EVERYONE!

Ben Draws Something In Microsoft Paint


Congrats, everyone!